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Ground Squirrel

Pontoon Boat

On October 1, 2018, we introduced our pontoon to the public — which we dubbed the S.S. Squirrel! This boat is available at no charge to anyone with a disability, Veterans, and senior citizens over the age of 72, along with their families. The boat is also available for use by nursing facility groups, adult foster home groups, high school special education groups, and other organizations that work with the elderly. We hope you take advantage of the boat and enjoy the water.

Pontoon Boat

The S.S. Squirrel is a fully accessible vessel loaded with extras. It is equipped with a Roll-A-Ramp for easy on-and-off access for all users, a canopy for protection from the elements, and life vests for all passengers. Whether you want to go on a fishing adventure, a cruise on Lake Tomah, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake, this is for you! All outings are guided by a trained captain who understands the boat and lake waters.

After each pontoon season ends, the S.S. Squirrel undergoes a thorough cleaning and engine overhaul to ensure the boat will be running smoothly and safely for the following year. Our pontoon boat is placed in the water June 1st (weather permitting) and taken out each fall by September 10th. The reservations fill up quickly, so sign up early and don't miss out on this opportunity! Enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Pontoon Boat Reservation Details

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Any eligible guest is invited to use the pontoon boat up to two times per month. Reservations must be made 30 days in advance. You can begin making reservations on May 1st. We have life vests (including youth sizes) for your use. If you need fishing poles, please request them when your captain calls you to confirm your voyage or select the fishing outing when you reserve your date. A full tank of gas is provided. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and clean up the boat when your trip is complete.

The boat will only hold nine passengers plus our captain. There are no exceptions to the nine-passenger limit. We can hold up to four wheelchairs at one time.

Reservation Cancellation Procedure

If, for any reason, a cancellation has to be made, please call Glen Pampuch at (608) 387-0624 or contact your captain. Your captain will contact you two days prior to your trip and provide a contact phone number. You may cancel your trip due to poor weather by calling your captain. Your captain may cancel any outing whenever weather or safety issues arise.

The boat is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and has room for up to four wheelchairs. A full tank of gas is provided.

Volunteer as a Captain

Volunteer a few hours a week to be a pontoon boat captain. We provide complete training. Trips run Monday through Friday from May until September.

The Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel

The Ground Squirrel is an accessible 12-passenger bus with a wheelchair lift. It can accommodate up to five wheelchairs, but each wheelchair counts for two passengers of the total. So three wheelchairs would equal six passengers.

The Ground Squirrel is available Monday through Friday to disabled, elderly, or veterans who require special assistance and/or have transportation challenges in Monroe County. All passengers will be required to sign a participant waiver form.

If a passenger requires the use of the wheelchair lift to board the bus, an adult assistant must ride with them. The assistant may serve more than one passenger, so if a nursing home wants to schedule the bus, one assistant may aid more than one passenger.

All our drivers are trained in using the wheelchair lift, using wheelchair restraints, and the 3-point latch system required for each wheelchair passenger. All drivers are n.a.s.a. volunteers. Anyone with medical conditions must have an assistant or nurse ride with them.

The bus is not a personal taxi; therefore, trips scheduled for a single passenger are not allowed. Single passengers should inquire about Wednesday “Errand day” for trips. The bus does not run on weekends or holidays.

Call 608-377-4538 to request a trip. Trips are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and subject to the availability of a volunteer driver. Wednesdays are reserved as “Errand day” for short trips around Tomah from 8:30-2:00.

When making a request, include:

  • Date, time, pick up location/address
  • Number of passengers, number of wheelchairs
  • Destination address
  • Return Time
  • Special medical conditions of any passengers

The Flying Squirrel


The Flying Squirrel is a light sport two-person aircraft based at Tomah’s Bloyer Field and piloted by John Glynn. John is an experienced pilot and revered as one of the best Ultralight pilots in the United States.

John Glynn is an n.a.s.a. volunteer and has offered to take the disabled, elderly, or veterans up for flights over and around Tomah. Each passenger will receive a short pre-flight training before your flight. All flights are weather permitting, and interested participants must be flexible and ready when conditions are favorable.

Flying Squirrel

To become a member of the Flying Squirrel Squadron, email us at tomahsquirrels@gmail.com and include your name, phone number, and if you are disabled, elderly (over 72), or a veteran. Please include if you will require assistance getting in and out of the aircraft. We will contact you as flights become available.