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Free Activities for People with Disabilities

A physical disability shouldn't prevent anyone from enjoying outdoor activities. Tomah n.a.s.a runs free activities for people with disabilities in the Tomah area. To get involved in an event, download and complete a Participant Waiver.

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Hunters with Deer

Accessible Hunting

Disabled Deer Hunt Application

Do you like to hunt? If you're the type of person who likes to hit the woods but just can't manage it on your own anymore, we can help! Through a generous offer, we have been granted the use of hunting land for use during the nine-day deer hunt for the disabled that the DNR runs each fall. During this special hunt, we pair a person in need with a non-disabled companion for safety and success. While we can't guarantee you'll bag a deer, we're positive you will experience a quality hunt.

What Do I Have to Do?

  • A first great step is to reach out to our Large Game Committee Chairman, Nate Boehm at 406-871-9211, and let him know you are interested. Be sure to mention any special requirements you may have.
  • All hunters born after January 1st, 1973, will need a Hunter Safety Certificate.
  • Apply for and obtain a valid Class A, B, C, or D hunting permit from the Wisconsin DNR. This process can take months and may require a signature from your health care provider, so apply early.
  • Handicap hunts can fill up fast. A point system is used to choose hunters when space is limited. Obtain your hunting permit and contact Nate early to get on the list. All hunters must be signed up before September 1st to be eligible for the Handicap hunt in October.


If you are interested in granting Tomah n.a.s.a permission to use your land in the Tomah area for a handicap hunt in the future, please contact our Nate Boehm our Large Game Committee Chairman at 406-871-9211. The deadline to submit an application to the Wisconsin DNR to sponsor a hunt is June 1st. We will gladly assist you in filing that application.

Large Game Committee Goal

The purpose of the Tomah n.a.s.a Large Game Committee is to provide the opportunity for hunting Wisconsin whitetail deer to disabled hunters, no matter their age or experience. If you're new to hunting or haven't been able to get out in a while, let us help you spot that deer and take that shot!

Pontoon Boat

On October 1, 2018, we introduced our pontoon to the public — which we dubbed the S.S. Squirrel! This boat is available at no charge to anyone with a disability, Veterans, and senior citizens over the age of 72, along with their families. The boat is also available for use by nursing facility groups, adult foster home groups, high school special education groups, and other organizations that work with the elderly. We hope you take advantage of the boat and enjoy the water.


The S.S. Squirrel is a fully accessible vessel loaded with extras. It is equipped with a Roll-A-Ramp for easy on-and-off access for all users, a canopy for protection from the elements, and life vests for all passengers. Whether you want to go on a fishing adventure, a cruise on Lake Tomah, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake, this is for you! All outings are guided by a trained captain who understands the boat and lake waters.

After each pontoon season ends, the S.S. Squirrel undergoes a thorough cleaning and engine overhaul to ensure the boat will be running smoothly and safely for the following year. Our pontoon boat is placed in the water each May 1st (weather permitting) and taken out each fall by September 30th. The reservations fill up quickly, so sign up early and don't miss out on this opportunity! Enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Pontoon Boat Reservation Details

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Any eligible guest is invited to use the pontoon boat up to two times per month. Reservations must be made 30 days in advance. You can begin making reservations on April 1st. We have life vests (including youth sizes) for your use. If you need fishing poles, please request them when your captain calls you to confirm your voyage or select the fishing outing when you reserve your date. A full tank of gas is provided. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and clean up the boat when your trip is complete.

The boat will only hold nine passengers plus our captain. There are no exceptions to the nine-passenger limit. We can hold up to four wheelchairs at one time.

Reservation Cancellation Procedure

If, for any reason, a cancellation has to be made, please call Tim Millin at (608) 343-4190 or contact your captain. Your captain will contact you two days prior to your trip and provide a contact phone number. You may cancel your trip due to poor weather by calling your captain. Your captain may cancel any outing whenever weather or safety issues arise.

The boat is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and has room for up to four wheelchairs. A full tank of gas is provided.

Volunteer as a Captain

Volunteer a few hours a week to be a pontoon boat captain. We provide complete training. Trips run Monday through Friday from May until September.

People Fishing

Fishing Opportunities

Do you like to fish? If you do and have been missing out, we offer opportunities for you or someone you know to get out and hook a big one! Contact Tim Millin, our Fishing Committee Chairman, at 608-343-4190 for more information. We will be holding pond fishing events in June and August as well as ice fishing events in the winter.

Pier Fishing

Through a partnership with the Tomah City Parks Department and generous sponsors, we have placed a wheelchair accessible fishing pier on Lake Tomah. You can enjoy many hours of easy-access fishing. The pier is equipped with two benches.

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